What to expect from A Touch of Class

Your ‘Touch of class’ dinner club aims to provide a comfortable dining experience for single people of various ages and life stages. Think of the dinner as a blind date- with many possible people instead of one– but without the pressure.

The evening will provide an opportunity for good conversation, tasty food and wine with the possibility of meeting new and interesting people. The aim is to initially extend ones social circle with the hope of having a true connection with someone. Whether you have just come out of a relationship or have been on the single scene for some time-people often find themselves isolated from existing friendship circles. The idea of meeting new people can be very daunting. My advice to you – is register with us and meet new friends!

A relaxed evening of good conversation will help build confidence and can be the start of entering a social world that you have not been part of, perhaps for some time. Even for those who have been part of the single scene for a while- meeting and interacting with woman and men in a similar age bracket enables one to feel comfortable and the dinner experience makes the conversation and connection more real than a virtual dating site’s chit chat.

The dinner party experience is merely a platform to get to know people with no pressure on meeting ‘the one’, and most of our members may attend several evenings, before hitting it off with someone for a second date.

If you are ready for a fun evening with great people, don’t wait another moment and register here.

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