Welcome to a ‘Touch of Class’ singles dinner club!

After many years of arranging blind dates for friends, the idea of an informal dinner club was formed. With the support and encouragement of my husband, a passionate cook, I knew that when I began-the rest would be history!

Having worked for over 15 years in the field of counselling, I have a wealth of knowledge around the stressors facing singles of today. I believe that people are people and whatever the age, have a desire for a partner, a mate, and a best friend with whom to grow and experience life. It is just a matter of finding that person!

Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to meet the right type of person within a safe and relaxed environment. Despite the internet dating culture having really taken off in recent years, it can be impersonal and lacking in many ways. There is a huge emphasis on the photograph, and if the initial written banter between the couple does not represent who they truly are – it often battles to get off the ground. So, despite one thinking we are more connected and it is thus easier to meet people, good conversation and companionship with the opposite sex of likeminded people is a actually becoming more and more difficult to find.

If you are ready to partake in exciting possibilities that A Touch of Class can offer you, please click here to start your journey.

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